A new approach to diabetes management

Created with the help of 20,000 members of, DiabetesPA is a free app which helps you monitor and see the interactions between different aspects of your health.

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    Log in and track your blood glucose, mood, insulin, medication, HbA1c, carbs, calories, ketones, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and more.

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    Customise your measurement units for blood glucose levels, HbA1c and cholesterol. Share your progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Everything to show your doctor, all in one place. The first truly universal diabetes health app.

The truly universal diabetes lifestyle app

Log and track a range of levels - blood glucose, insulin, mood, exercise, medication, HbA1c, blood pressure, carbohydrates, calories, alcohol, weight, BMI, cholesterol and ketones.

Easy to use, intuitive and customisable - monitor every aspect of your diabetes.

Set the units to suit you, wherever you are in the world.

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Share your progress

Stay motivated + keep on track

Share your progress with your doctor and healthcare team through your Diabetes PA. Generate health reports to get the most out of your diabetes reviews.

Set reminders and share your progress with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter.

More information at your fingertips means better long-term control.

Your diabetes management - all in one place

Use your diabetes personal assistant to manage every aspect of your health and lifestyle and see how it affects your diabetes.

View your data in day, week and month graphs to spot trends and patterns.

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What are people saying about DiabetesPA?

We'd love to hear your feedback. We're working on an update for Summer 2016.

  • GingerSpice on diabetesPA
  • Emily on diabetesPA
  • Mike on diabetesPA
  • GingerSpice82

    via App Store - 3 days ago

    I have much better control of my Type 1 and I now have a better understanding of my condition. This app is a must for any diabetic.

  • Emily Grace

    via Facebook - 5 days ago

    DiabetesPA makes my day to day management a lot easier and the health reports are great for my doctor's review!

  • Mike Watts

    via Mail - 6 days ago

    I've just started to use the app and can I say it's AMAZING. I never knew how my mood affected my blood glucose levels.

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Available for Android and iOS.